Name: Ananasi Hokotomo
Animator: David Fontes
Ananasi Hokotomo, born in Kuujjuaq, Quebec, the daughter of a Japanese basketball player and an Inuit fashion model (her mother being the basketball player, father the model), decided at the age of 13 that her parents were losers. Stowing away aboard an intergalactic tuna fishing vessel, she set out to find her fortune. When the ship was captured by a band of space environmentalists protesting incidental dolphin killings, she was befriended by the enviros' leader, Sken V'nar, a trisexual Golnothian from Tau Beta Omicron. Sken taught Ananasi the ways of the space environmentalists - including how to use just about anything as a weapon, as well as a bewildering variety of martial arts. When Sken was killed while trying to protect the last remaining uncut stands of Septaurian Bobo Trees, Ananasi barely escaped with her life. Since that day she has been searching the galaxy for the owners of the Septaurian lumbering company - aliens of unknown planetage wearing dark suits and sunglasses.