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Organize your home movies, protect your memories!

Making the effort to get precious moments on tape is only the first part of making them into memories you can savor. It's all too easy to stop there, which leaves you with sporadic recordings over dozens of tapes. You can never find the one thing you want, much less show the whole thing at a sitting without confusing everyone involved.

I'm happy to convert all your tapes (VHS, camcorder... anything you can get out to a television cable) into a DVD, edited and trimmed so that everything flows seamlessly from one titled scene to the next.

Highest Quality Convenient Organization
High end analog-to-digital conversation, and professional mastering tools mean that your video will look every bit as good as the original.  Only your memory captures the moment better. No more searching back and forth through a pile of tapes for that one special moment... each scene will be bookmarked for instant access, any time. Or watch all your movies in one relaxing session.
Long-lasting digital format
Unlike VHS tapes that wear out with repeated viewing, DVDs remain pristine for thousands of uses.
Editing Elegance Digital accessibility
No more busts of static, no more dead areas of awkward silences. Get only the moments you want, linked together seamlessly and beautifully. Converting to a digital format also empowers you to do more with your own video. Start from the computer-readable files, and pull images for web sites, even make an online video of your absolute favorite scenes.