Animation:Master Brawl!

The Animation:Master Brawl is a collaborative project amongst as many animators as we can conceivably get our hands on. The basic idea is that everyone tosses their model into the same virtual landscape (with, of course, certain guarantees of privacy), along with several gazillion goons and thugs. The obvious mayhem ensues. Each animator gets the chance to animate their particular character through the fight scene, and in the end everyone is a part of a really big, REALLY violent movie. What could be better!

For your continuing perusal, the Fighter Gallery (soon to have new fighters)!

And, new for your viewing pleasure, the beginnings of the combat gallery!

Want to know more? Read the FAQ.

Ready to jump in without reading the fine print? Email me at "".

 Our achievement of last month is the complete Fighter's Gallery. More important than just the pretty pictures (although they are nice, aren't they?), we now have all those models, all ready to animate! The Brawl Project has been put together, including everyone's character, a passle of goons, some sets of generic cameras, and a lovely ground-marking object to keep everyone in their proper bounds.

Just because models are already underway, however, is no reason to assume that you can't join the Brawl in progress. We're always willing to accept new characters and integrate them as they come online. If you have questions about what they should provide, we have provided the Submission FAQ.

We've had several goals in the course of the Animation Master Brawl.  Currently, we are not working towards any deadline.  Rather, for the moment, the major focus of people's efforts in this regard have turned towards the Dojo Project.  It is hoped that, when people feel more comfortable in basic martial-arts animation techniques, the Animation Master Brawl will enjoy a resurgence of interest which would allow us to lay down some serious deadlines.

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