Every place of learning needs a good, fancy name.  For Muse of Fire, that name is "The Lyceum".  The goal of the Lyceum is to inform and educate visitors regarding 3-D character animation.  It's a fairly focussed field, but even so there is an immense amount for the dedicated artist to learn.  We'll only scratch the surface here, but hey, you have to start somewhere!

Welcome, pull up a chair, open your mind and relax!

Lectures:  Or, Tony sounds off

Projects:  Get together with your buddies, and learn, learn learn! The Attic:  Where old projects go to die

Every project has a certain, shall we say, life-cycle.  Eventually people drift, new projects gain prominence, and old projects kick the proverbial bucket.  Since Muse of Fire makes an ongoing effort to help animators develop their skills, we've collected a few of these defunct projects here.  They're the results of far too much effort to simply be tossed out with last week's trash, so instead they are archived in perpetuity, for the benefit of future generations.

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